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Are you interested in working with us but don't see any opportunities currently posted on our website? If you believe you're an excellent fit for New Roots Institute, we encourage you to apply, and we'll keep you in mind as openings arise.


Who We Are, What We Do, And How We Do It

New Roots Institute is a nonprofit organization empowering the next generation with knowledge and training to end factory farming.

Through interactive, high school and college lessons, we inspire critical thinking and dynamic discussions about the connections between industrial animal agriculture and current key issues impacting us all—like animal welfare, climate change and environmental sustainability, human rights, and personal and public health.

Through our Leadership Program, we offer fellowships for students motivated to dig deeper into the impacts, and solutions, of factory farming—while being trained in effective communication, advocacy, and leadership skills. Upon completing the fellowship, alumni go on—with our continued support—to develop and empower other leaders to create change in their communities toward our shared goal of ending factory farming.

Our Vision

A just and sustainable food system for all.

Our Mission

To empower the next generation with knowledge and training to end factory farming.

Our Values

Our team is united around our shared mission and our shared values—what we call our DNA.

These values guide our culture and our approach to empowering the next generation with knowledge and training to end factory farming.

Fierce Competence
We focus on achieving the greatest impact by effectively empowering the largest number of People.

Humble Self-Awareness
We recognize that we don’t have all the answers and will listen to others, including those we believe we disagree with, to grow as individuals and as an organization.

Ready Adaptation
We understand that social and informational contexts evolve, and seek new knowledge to update our perspectives and optimize our approach.

Inclusive Collaboration
We strive to see beyond our egos to meet others where they’re at and collectively strengthen our impact.

Caring Accountability
We show our commitment to one another and our cause by holding ourselves to a standard no lower than excellence, openly addressing issues with honesty and directness.

Last but not least, we genuinely enjoy our co-workers and have fun despite the tragic nature of what we’re up against. Check out our Rotten Truth series on YouTube to see how we use humor to grapple with the grim reality of factory farming. 

If all of this appeals to you, we encourage you to apply!